313 DBN is a network of individuals who specialize in Electronic Music and Soul.

313 DBN was born in Detroit, Michigan in 2012.

In 2014, a new platform was created by the same team : 313 DBN Radio

Our goal is to not only share our musical passion. We take pride in hosting and promoting quality artists, labels, and new releases.
Every week the 313 DBN team hosts live mixes and video broadcasts from the Detroit Bass Networks Radio studios and many 313 DBN related events.

We air now 24/7 thanks to a devoted team and a full operative radio station office based in France + an additional satellite office based in Canada.

We air non-stop electronic soul (R&B, Funk, Disco, Techno, Trance, House, Progressive) in full HIGH AUDIO QUALITY,  the 313 DBN RADIO sound is a real experience for "those who like to groove", our sound is LOUDER, with great basses and thin high frequencies, it provides to you a CLEARER stereo sound image than the major part of the other radio stations you can find on the internet or even on the FM broadcast band.

We air
If you would like to be a featured guest DJ’s on 313 DBN Radio, feel free to contact us and show us what you got !!!

Thank you for your continued support.
 ~313 DBN Team


Our Radio Station is not locked on any specific genre of Electronic Music,
Our musical programation is fueled by the Soul of Detroit and it is exactly that specific vibration we want to bring from our house to yours thanks to our 313 DBN - Detroit Bass Networks Radio.