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D-FORMER (313 DBN Originator Member - Administrator - Radio Host - Resident DJ - 313 DBN Artist)

Internationally known and Bordeaux, France born, D-Former has been an influential DJ, producer and remixer since 1997. He takes pride in his work and gives much credit to the influences of Detroit House, Techno and Electro genres of music. Not only is he the founder and C.E.O. of Lo-Deep Recordings / Electric Tracks labels.


Credited by many in the industry as a talented remixer, D-Former has composed flawless remixes for AD. Cruze, The Stereoboyz, Six Foe and The 2 Live Crew, just to add to his credentials.

He attributes much of his career successes to his mentor; the legendary and very missed Aaron-Carl (R.I.P).

Throughout the United States and many European countries he has been invited to perform at many clubs, festivals and has also been a featured guest on several international radio shows.


Keeping his strong connection and love for Detroit, Michigan and sharing the stage with artists like Scan7, Rick "The Godson" Wilhite, Octave One / Random Noise Generation, Jay Denham, Derrick Thompson, Rolando Rocha (UR), just to name a few, he works closely with several native Detroit artists.

D-Former along with his best friends DJ Raybone and TJ Dumas aka Gabbamonkey are the originators of the 313 DBN - Detroit Bass Networks.

DJ RAYBONE (313 DBN Originator Member - 313 DBN Artist)

Beginning his musical journey at the age of 11, he was noticed very quickly by older Jocks who took him under their wings. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Raybone’s formative years as a DJ were spent amongst the likes of Mike Huckaby, Three Chairs and Rick Wade. Refining his craft, he quickly became a sought after DJ in the Detroit local scene playing in venues where he was not even old enough to attend. He gained popularity in the late eighties and was a featured artist on the local TV show, “Too Hot.” Raybone has also been a featured DJ on several local radio shows like Highland Parks CJAM, Canadian radio station 91.5, and WJLB’s Club Insomnia.


He has DJ’d at underground and local venues throughout Detroit. In June of 2000, he landed the front cover of City View Magazine and performed twice at the DEMF on the Detroit Stage. Moving people with his passionate DJ skills and love of vinyl, he mentored his nephew Kyle Hall as a DJ and introduced him to his peers thus spurring Kyle’s career as a producer and DJ.

Raybone is also an accomplished producer having released recordings with Detroit legends TJ Dumas AKA Gabbamonkey and Rick “The Godson” Wilhite on Still Music and Rush Hour Recordings.

He also released music on Moods & Grooves and Lo-Deep Recordings and is an originator member of the 313 DBN - Detroit Bass Networks.

TJ DUMAS aka GABBAMONKEY (313 DBN Originator Member - 313 DBN Artist)

In 1999, TJ Dumas aka Gabbamonkey started "" with Teri Nguyen, a website dedicated solely Detroit DJ’s that played house music with a focus on the local emerging sounds of the city. Partnering with Norm Talley, Delano Smith and Mike Clark, grew to be a signature DJ/Promotion team in the city and country.


Later, Dumas partnered with Delano Smith to start Mixmode Recordings, which saw the release of "Feel This", a deep rich and classy tune. Then, TJ Dumas wanted to venture into music production, subsequently launching "Gabbamonkey Productions". "Want", off of "The Lost Tracks Of Detroit" (Still Music) - is a remix of Chic's - "I Want Your Love" and was Dumas’s debut as a producer. Through lots of hard work and consistency, Gabbamonkey Records was born.


To his credit, he has also worked on labels like "Stillove4music" (Still Music Chicago's sub label) and "Rush Hour" co producing the very acclaimed track "Gone" with Raybone Jones (exclusively available on the compilation "Vibes New & Rare Music", a selection of tracks from the vaults of Rick Wilhite).

Still a very active producer, Dumas currently releases music under his Gabbamonkey alias for Lo-Deep Recordings.


Today, he still runs his Gabbamonkey Productions and is an originator member of the 313 DBN - Detroit Bass Networks.


DJ KAYMER (313 DBN Member - Radio Host - Resident DJ - 313 DBN Artist)

A true vinyl purist, DJ Kaymer started a collection of 12"inchs and albums of Funk, Disco, Boogie and later redefined his craft with the Acid House wave from Chicago during the mid to late eighties.


With a solid combination of all the elements of Deep Detroit sounds, he infuses them in each one of his DJ sets, thus earning him the title “Respected Veteran” of the  "Two Turntables & a Mixer” DJ culture.


Taking notice to his ability to move the crowds; while carefully constructing very diverse electronic styles, in 2002, D-Former invited Kaymer to play DJ gigs with him throughout France. This connection created the “Kay-Former” combination that is still strong today and is the highlight of many events when they tag-team on the wheels of steel.

In 2013, Kaymer was officially added to the 313 DBN roster and is also one of the 313 DBN member and resident DJ.


JON "DOIT" EASLEY (313 DBN Member - 313 DBN Artist)

Since 1988, Jon has been absorbing the dance music scene in Detroit and sculpting himself as a DJ/Producer.


According to Easley, he grew up in a house where a “melting pot” of genres of music was played all day everyday. First hitting the scene in 1995 at Club 246, he met a local DJ, Bruce Bailey, at on of his weekly residencies. From then on, Easley progressed in the business and met many well-known cats that are well respected even to this day.


On one of his career paths he met DJ Raybone. They instantly became friends and hosted several events as “The Groove Masters” as well as forming a tight collaboration with “The Tandem” for some years.


Actually producing music didn’t begin for him until 2010. He says it’s been very rewarding and exciting venture for him. To date he has released three vinyl projects to on labels for Joe Babylon's Roundabout sounds, Jerome Derraji's Still Music and Rick Wilhites Vibes New and Rare Music".

In July 2014, Jon "DOIT" Easley was officially added to the 313 DBN Roster and is also one of the 313 DBN member and resident DJ.

PAULA JOHNSON aka PJ (313 DBN Originator Member)

Paula Johnson aka PJ has been in the House/Techno scene since its inception. Starting out as a fan. Once she stepped behind the velvet "House" rope it was there she found her true calling. Her first experience into the party scene was to promote an event for Breast Cancer survivors.


Her reputation as well as her credentials in the industry speaks for themselves. Not only does PJ, along with Resident DJ RayBone Jones, hosts the very popular Late Nite Unlimited parties; she is also a founding member of The Sonic Natives along with DJs Earl Mixxin’ McKinney, Allan C. Ester, and Chris Habibian.


PJ is more than a party promoter. She is also the printed voice behind the Detroit House music scene. Her blog: Let The Music Play is her ode to the Underground House Music movement with a greatly appreciated readership both in the US and abroad. She is the passion behind the 313 DBN. Loved by many, understood by few. Her straightforward style has garnered her the respect of her peers.


She is the keeper of the realm, the protector of the artist. She has that, "Take no prisons attitude". She understands that we are all UNITED in music!

TINA NELSON aka T. CARLITA (313 DBN Affiliate)

Anyone who knows T. Carlita considers her a “Woman on a Mission.” She has lived a very fulfilling and adventurous life. From photographing the US President Barak Obama to advocating for a better quality of life for women and children, T. Carlita is always evolving from one moment to the next. One thing for sure, she wears many productive hats and has enjoyed the successes and challenges of them all.


First and foremost, she is a mother of 5 children and a grandmother of twin girls. She is also a well-respected figure within her community and around the globe. Her recent adventure is what led her to the 313 DBN - Detroit Bass Networks.


“Stepping out on faith,” as she puts it, she is now the producer/host of "In My House Techno Music” show that airs live weekly from the WHPR Studios in Detroit Michigan. She takes pride and special consideration as what she calls being a “lifetime” family member of the Detroit Techno and House Music industry.


Although, she is not a producer, DJ, or an artist, she has been well trained by some of Detroit’s legends in the business. Mike Banks, founder of Underground Resistance, Mike “Agent X” Clark, and Derwin “D-Ha” Hall, just to name a few.


"In My House Techno Music Show” derived from an inspiration and special dedication to the late Derek Jamerson, Sr. who was an instrumental factor of the beginnings of the Detroit music culture. To get connected every Wednesday, from 8-9 PM (EST) for the live broadcast of "In My House Techno Music Show,” visit the OFFICIAL show website:



Derrick Thompson is the founder of Soiree Records International label. The label’s primary focus has been producing intelligent Electronic Music, ranging from House, Techno, Down-Tempo and experimental since 1990.

Soiree Records International has not only provided an outlet for Thompson to release his own material, but has also become a musical launch pad for artists throughout the globe. The worldwide vinyl and digital distribution of Soiree Records International has earned Thompson an abundant amount of respect and notoriety in the industry.


Later establishing the Techno label Xplor Music, Thompson expanded his growing influences even further. With an endless repertoire of quality and groundbreaking tracks, there is a continuous demand for Thompson from both major and independent labels around the world.

Behind the decks, Derrick Thompson aka Drivetrain has electrified dance floors around the planet for more than two decade. His dynamic and always energetic mixing technique along with his undeniably impeccable track selection and skills has ignited crowds at the world's most highly acclaimed clubs, festivals and venues. Thompson passionate and dedicated work ethic has not only validated him as an international success but has earned him the utmost respect as a musical powerhouse. To this day his relentless endeavors and hard working mindset keeps him forever focused on producing and presenting quality music reflecting his roots.

In May 2014, Derrick Thompson aka Drivetrain was officially added to the 313 DBN roster.



“Hump The Grinder,” was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, starting his musical career playing the stand-up bass in elementary school and moved on to the bass guitar by high school. DJ’ing parties began upon his arrival at Oakland University (Rochester, Michigan) in 1975, around the beginning of the disco era. The college circuit kept him busy in the state of Michigan through the 70’s and by 1980, Hump was spinning in various nightclubs in Detroit, as well as a mobile DJ under his company, Multiple Sights & Sounds.


In 1982, The Scene, a popular TV dance show in Detroit, hired him to mix it up for the dancers, and it was said that he was the first dj to play mix records on TV in America. Hump also was the opening act for The Electrifying Mojo on several occasions, before going on the road (1984, 85, & 86) with the New York City Fresh Festival (the world’s first rap tour) as an advance promoter, along with many opportunities to play “live” between acts at the concerts.


The Hair Wars U.S. Tour, which began traveling in 1994, took Hump away from the party scene as a dj, but he continued to supply pre-recorded mixes for parties via cassette tapes and cd’s, which he still does today. Occasionally, he will knock the dust off the turntables and bring out the vinyl to mix up the Old School Jams “live.” Hump The Grinder was also a long-standing member of the United Dance Music Association record pool.

In June 2014, Hump was officially added to the 313 DBN roster and is also one of the 313 DBN resident DJ.

JIMINI (313 DBN Artist)

Jimmy Crispyn aka Jimini was born and raised in the north of France. Even though, he was very young during the 1980's, music became a very strong passion of his, thanks to the vinyl collection of his father. His musical appetite began with the genres of Disco, Funk and Reggae.


During the late 80’s and early 90’s he began to explore more of the Electronic Music scenes. This exploration became very interesting to him and caused him to start mixing and collecting more of these types of records. By the mid 90's, utilizing his ability to fuse his wide range musical background acquired through studying his father’s collection and his newly discovered electronic music, he enjoys DJ’ing to this day and has maintained his passion for vinyl from his youth.


Well into 15 years of handling the “wheels of steel”, he not only takes pride in mixing very diverse styles of music, he feels the need to compose his own material. Thus a new adventure began for Jimini.


This drive for “doing his own thing,” was noticed very quickly by the well-known Luv Jam who gave him the opportunity to put one of his tracks as a vinyl release on the Blind Jacks Journey label. Continually perfecting and working his craft, he met D-Former in 2013 and signed an EP for Lo-Deep Recordings. It was this collaboration and D-Former’s connections that extended Jimini's musical journey to Detroit.


He continues to release EPs for the Blind Jacks Journey label to this day and has gained great success through his working relationship with that label. He has also produced a digital EP on the Simple Things label whose home base is the Russian Federation.

In June 2014, Jimini was officially added to the 313 DBN roster.


EXOTIC INTERCOURSE (Radio Hosts - Program Managers - Resident DJ's)

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